Sonic Beds Vol. 1 (Ableton Instruments & WAV Files)

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Sonic Beds Vol. 1 is a collection of 60 unique sample-based Ableton instrument racks and 117 drone samples to use in any sampler. Ableton racks require either the Intro, Standard or Suite version of Live 11.3.

There are two versions of this sound pack to chose from:
1. Ableton Instrument Racks and WAV Files
2. WAV Files Only

At the heart of this sound pack there are 117 stereo drone samples (one long note) made with analog synthesizers - processed, mangled, crushed, smeared and gooed-up with all kinds of fun studio tools from modular to pedals to semi-broken cassette machines. Recorded to 1/4" tape and then re-recorded at 96KHz/24Bit with a RME Fireface UFX 2 interface.

Each sample is stereo, between 30-60 sec. long and tuned to C (not counting warble, wow & flutter or pure noise) so you can use them in a sampler of your liking. You may need to convert the files to match the requirements of your instrument.

You can think of these sounds as oscillators with character. Load them in a sampler, activate looping and shape them into whatever your heart desires. These sounds feel right at home in anything from ambient and lofi to film composition to wherever rich textures and emotional electronic sounds are needed. But you can make them your own in any genre.

The real magic happens when you layer them with each other. Which leads us to the Ableton instrument racks:

Sonic Beds Vol. 1 contains 60 readily playable Ableton racks all mapped with macros and 4-6 patch variations. In each rack, I combined between two and four samples via layers of 'Simpler' instruments, dialed in all parameters to bring out the best of those sounds, added modulation or secondary filters. The results are 60 sample-based lofi ambient instruments that you can control by just using the macros. Or simply hit the randomize button until you find something unique - I've set up the racks so randomization often leads to musical outcomes.

Each rack is different. Some a bit, others a lot. I highly recommend experimenting with them and swapping out samples between them.

Whether pure samples or Ableton racks are your thing, I hope you will enjoy exploring my sounds and making music with them. Thank you!

Gear used: Analog centric Eurorack system (with modules from Make Noise, Mannequins, Joranaloque, Xaoc, Doepfer, ALM Busy Circuits, etc.), Ciat Lonbarde Cocoquantus 2, Palmelund Synthesizers SuperDuber, Chase Bliss Habit & Generation Loss MK2, eKalimba, Roland SP404 MK2, OTO Bam, Marantz PMD 230, Tascam 424, Tapeloopboyz modded cassette player, Revox B77, Allen & Heath GL2800, RME Fireface UFX 2.

Purchase of this sound pack grants you a Creative Commons license for commercial and non- commercial use.

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Sonic Beds Vol. 1 (Ableton Instruments & WAV Files)

40 ratings
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